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Flags – State Registration

Panama Flags – State Registration

The following are the basic services provided by the Panamanian Merchant Marine:

  1. Provisional Vessel Registration (valid for six months)
  2. Permanent Registration (valid during four years)
  3. Bareboat Dual Registration (valid for two years)
  4. Preliminary and Permanent Mortgage registration
  5. Preliminary and Permanent Property Registration
  6. 90 days Special Registration
  7. Seafarers Certificates
  8. Cancellation Certificate
  9. Inspection & Surveys


In order to obtain a Provisional Navigation Patent for vessels or yachts of less than 5000 net tons the following information is required:

  1. Ships present and previous name(s)
  2. Owners’ name
  3. Previous flags (if any)
  4. Place and date of construction
  5. Name of Builder
  6. Number of decks, bridges, mass and funnels.
  7. Type of vessel (steam, etc.)
  8. Hull material
  9. Gross and net tonnage.
  10. Service and traffic activities engaged
  11. Type and number of engines; the name of the manufacturer
  12. Number and type of cylinders
  13. Horsepower
  14. Speed
  15. Length breadth and depth
  16. Entities responsible for handling radio account payments for owners.
  17. Classification Society
  18. Tonnage Certificate
  19. The following documents are necessary to register a vessel in the Republic of Panama:
  20. Power of Attorney
  21. Document of title (Builder’s certificate, Bill of Sale, Certificate issued by the court in case of legal auctions)
  22. Certificate of Deletion from prior registry (if vessel has a previous nationality)
  23. International Tonnage Certificate (except for new vessels)
  24. Certificate of Civil Liability in case of tankers.

Also, any mortgage on the ship may also be registered at the same time. This provisional registration of the title and of the mortgage has the same value as permanent registration.

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