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The Benefits of Offshore Incorporation

There are many benefits from the establishment of an offshore presence. P rimar ily, significant legal tax advantages are a motivating goal in prompting many companies to gravitate offshore. Confidentiality, security and a competitive market place advantage are among other motivating factors.

Since any benefits afforded by an offshore company are determined by its location, the choice of country of incorporation is of optimal importance if the expected advantages are to be realized.

In this regard, it is imperative to seek the expertise of BIERMAN PAUTT offshore company registration. Our team of professionals can expertly guide you through the complexities involved – thereby enabling the companies to reap the benefits of an offshore operation and avoid any possible liabilities.

To be specific, establishing an offshore corporation allows a company – with the exception of publicly traded firms and companies engaged in banking, trust and insurance – to create a separate legal entity subject only to the regulations and legalities of the county of origin. As an example, in many locations, international companies are not subject to corporate taxation. Consequently, these companies can engage in profit making transactions free from the tax burdens and liabilities of their home office which often are located in countries of high corporate taxation.

Still another type of guidance of extreme importance offered by BIERMAN PAUTT is how the transfer of profits from offshore to the home office is handled. Often offshore corporate profits are not subject to taxation as long as the funds have not been transferred to the corporation’s country of origin or profits have not been generated within the tax haven itself.

Profits from offshore operations, with proper guidance, can be utilized elsewhere. Offshore corporations thus can be utilized as an investment conduit maximizing assets in an advantageous taxation environment.

In addition to the tax advantages offered by an offshore establishment, companies lowering overall operational costs by the offshore transfer of certain functions can often significantly increase market place position and competitiveness.

International investors are able to maximize the profitability of their transactions by the use of an offshore company as a conduit through which investments are channeled. Assets and investments can thereby reach full potential free from the handicap of burdensome taxation.

Furthermore, persons residing outside of their native land on a temporary basis may often be in a position to channel earnings and investment profits into an offshore company and for a certain period of time – in keeping with one’s home country laws – shelter a great deal of income from heavy taxation.

Additionally, property owners in their own countries may – depending on country-specific regulations – transfer ownership of such properties to an offshore company and again benefit tax wise.

When guided by BIERMAN PAUTT , companies can enjoy a significant confidentiality and the ability to shelter many sensitive company operational procedures from competitors and the like. Assuredly, professional consultants and attorneys can be invaluable assets in affording the maximum advantages to any company or individual seeking an offshore presence.

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