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Belize offshore Corporations


  1. _3 Company names to check the availability with the BELIZE Registrar, listed by priority
  2. I.D. or passport copy of the director/shareholder, who can be one person or more than one person and all should be more than 18 years old
  3. Reference letter from bank/accountant/lawyer or commercial contacts, sample provided


Step 1 – finish Due Diligence documents

  • Form M—new client registration form
  • Form E—incorporation application form
  • Client’s Reference (see sample in Form M)
  • Passport or I.D. copy of directors and shareholders (USA citizens must sign the Indemnity Letter)

Step 2 – Confirm services such as secretarial service、bank opening、appointing nominee directors or shareholders, issuing incumbency certificate, etc., sign contract and make payment. Company’s names can be confirmed immediately

Step 3 – Complete incorporation in 15 working days,sending all files to client


A. (Authorized Shares: 50,000 shares with US$1.00 par value each of single class) including: _

  • Legal Service Fee for Incorporation
  • Current Year Resident Agent Fee
  • Current year government tax
  • Courier
  • Company seal

B. Yearly maintenance fee: _

The yearly maintenance fee beginning from the 2nd year, payable from Jan 1st to July 15th

Standard company kit includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • M&AA
  • Share Certificate
  • Share register
  • Director register
  • Written resolution of the directors, appointing officers and issuing shares
  • Appointment of first directors, duly signed
  • Consent to act as directors
  • Company Seal


  • BELIZE company can be incorporated by one person
  • Director and officer of the company may not be the shareholder. And they can be of any nationality, or be a natural person or company
  • The company registered capital does not have to be paid up upon the time of incorporation. The company is legally incorporated and maintained even if no assets has been put into the company
  • If client plans to incorporate a company authorized capital is more than US$50,000.00, the incorporation fee and yearly maintenance fee will be increased
  • After incorporation any changes to the company must be notified to the Registered Agent within 15 days according to Belize IBC Act.

Please pay attention to the license fee’s schedule: _

Company incorporated during Jan. – December

  • Tax shall be paid during Jan. 1 – July 15th;
  • 10% penalty if paid during August 1st to October 31st; _
  • 50% penalty if paid during November 1st to December 31st; _
  • Struck off from Belize registry since Jan. 1st; _
  • Certain restoration fee if paid during Dec. 31st to June 30th, the next year; _
  • More restoration fee if paid after June 30th compare with paid during Dec. 31st to June 30th, the next year; _

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