BIERMAN PAUTT provides an invaluable service for individuals or companies desiring an offshore presence.

Our company enable our clients to navigate the often daunting governmental rules and regulations required to establish such a presence. Companies engaging the services of BIERMAN PAUTT can realize a significant cost reduction and maintenance of continued productivity by freeing up company personnel and resources that would otherwise be engaged in the offshore relocation project.

BIERMAN PAUTT will evaluate the client's specific needs prior to investigating the most advantageous offshore locations. The outsourcing service will then guide the client in the most cost-effective method of establishing this location.

BIERMAN PAUTT continuously monitor in place and impending tax structures and legalities that are of prime importance in the consideration of an offshore undertaking, thus assuring clients that their offshore location will be the most suitable for the client's purposes.

Shelf companies are pre-registered, in place, offshore companies suitable for certain clients who can benefit from this service and can be made available to the client through BIERMAN PAUTT . These are incorporated companies, fully documented in accordance with the laws of their country of origin.

BIERMAN PAUTT endeavors to perform all services in-house. However, there can be circumstances in which the service may require the use of an offshore subcontractor. In these situations, BIERMAN PAUTT will inform the involved client, offering full disclosure. BIERMAN PAUTT takes full responsibility for the performance of the subcontractor.

BIERMAN PAUTT will evaluate offshore locations to find the most suitable ones for a particular client's purposes, financial structures, people skills and availability, business environment and possible diversification to multi-country offshore locations.

BIERMAN PAUTT can effectively guide a client in the incorporation and banking set-ups most effective for the protection of assets and confidentiality.

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