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Bierman Pautt is a Panamanian law firm founded and based on tradition and experience, which offers a comprehensive range of related services and specialized in the maritime Industry, such as ship registration and incorporation of companies under several different flags states, such as Panama, Vanuatu, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Belize, Bolivia, Kiribati, Palau and Tuvalu, to name a few. For further information about our complete range of services, contact us at offshore@biermanpautt.com .

CEO Measege

Atty. Cesar Landiris

Head Legal Officer

Our professional team provides legal services with the goal of satisfaction of the client's needs and interest as a priority, combining personalized attention and high quality, with efficient and ethical standards, where each case is handled with strict confidentiality. Furthermore, Bierman Pautt is located strategically near the Panama Maritime Authority headquarters, which permits is to deal with every client's request in an expeditious manner.

At Bierman Pautt quality, reliability, confidentiality and flexibility supported by experience and wisdom are our main assets, offered to our worldwide corporate clientele. In addition, we are strongly committed to continuous improvement and innovation designed for complete customer satisfaction.

The continued success of BIERMAN PAUTT LEGAL BUREAU is reflected in our commitment to serve our clients as top priority and to adapt to the necessities of the continung changing evironment of maritime and legal world.

BP is registered with Panamanian Maritime Law Association APADEMAR, we are also a member of the Maritime Chamber of Panama and various associations of the maritime sector.
At BP quality, reliability, confidentiality and flexibility supported by experience and wisdom is our main asset offered to our worldwide corporate clientele. Bierman Pautt is strongly committed to quality and continuous improvement and innovation aiming at full customer satisfaction through systematic system.
BP has a network of five (6) regional offices located in Panama, China, UAE, Spain, Paraguay, Nigeria and one (1) representative office in Colombia available to offer our clients a 24/7 legal representation, registration of vessels and offshore corporations.

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